Laulima Day & Canoe Weigh In

Laulima Day & Canoe Weigh In! Sunday, May 22, 2022 8a-2p We need your help to prepare the hale and canoes for season! 2022 Regatta season is just around the corner! Help us clean and organize the hale, hale grounds, and weigh canoes for regattas. LAULIMA DAY...

Hawaiian Canoe Club

“perpetuating and preserving the art of Hawaiian canoe paddling by providing an environment rooted in traditional Hawaiian values that promote personal growth, character development, and achievement in physical fitness.”


From the moment we cross the blue tile line on the walkway, we treat each other with the respect and consideration that we expect from others AND is consistent with our mission.

  • No one person is bigger than the team
  • Collective character is vital to success
  • One selfish mindset will infect a collective culture and cause division
  • Excellence is a process of evolution; of cumulative learning; of incremental improvement


Our registration procedures have been modified from previous years as we transition to an online registration process. 2022 Member Registration is now OPEN! Print and sign the 2022 wavier packet and upload it to the online registration form.

Kamali’i Registration opens 3/18 at 8am.

Lake 'Ohana Scholarship

2022 Scholarship information has been updated!

Practice Schedule

Check out Divisions or Team App for any changes or updates to the practice schedule!

General Membership Meeting

Join us on Thursday, May 26, 2022 for our 2022 General Membership Meeting.